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We unfortunately couldn’t make the Hop City grand opening party yesterday, but we’re still dern excited about it. Hop City is a specialty beer (and wine) store opening near the new 5 Seasons, across the street from Octane. Owner Kraig Torres will stock 1000 varieties of beer [please raise pinky to corner of mouth now].

Our neck of the woods on Atlanta’s Westside is quickly becoming a beer mecca, as Creative Loafing points out. An interesting note:

The beer will be organized by style rather than brand, like wine, which Torres hopes will encourage people to explore new beers in the style they like, as well as help the staff guide customers to the type of beer they are looking for.

It’s a great idea, and one that more package stores should probably think about implementing. So what did people think of the Hop City grand opening party, which took place at the almost-completed 5 Seasons? We took an informal Twitter poll and got the following responses:

[The grand opening] was spectacular. Such great support from all the regional breweries. Stellar 5 Seasons food. Been waiting for both to open up. (via Kyle)

It was excellent and I can’t wait for 5 Seasons and Hop City to be open and hopping. (via Garrett)

It was well-attended and the beers were good. (via Seth)

It was absolutely amazing. Free beer, free food, free glasses, free t-shirts. (via Nathaniel)

Was anyone else there? Care to add anything?

6 thoughts on “Hop City grand opening

  1. This place sounds awesome! I plan on getting over there either this, or next Saturday. It’s a bit of a drive but for 1000 beers, is it really that far? Let’s hope they succeed beyond expectations. Atlanta needs few more places like this!

  2. I was there last night and though it was very crowded, without furniture and rather industrial you still got a nice vibe. I didn’t spend a lot of time around the great u-shaped bar because the Ale Atlanta meeting was started. We met “down and under” where the (still under construction) brewery is, as well as, a future event room. Crawford gave a tour, which I missed but wandering around was awe inspiring enough.

  3. Re-reading my tweeted response I realize I sound a bit underwhelmed, but maybe I just don’t like industrial, loft spaces.

    I can’t complain about the free (good) beer and all the people on a rainy Thursday night.

    I suppose I should’ve just said “It was much better than CATS” and left it at that.

  4. I had a ball! The selection of beers were pretty cool, the tour with Crawford was great. ALL new equipment that will be powered by cooking oil.

    Granted the brewery it’s still under construction, I was taken back by how beautiful the new equipment looks. Copper, chrome and stainless steel with just the right lighting…just gorgeous!

    The Ale Atlanta meeting was AWESOME! Rare and unavailable Beers were brought in from all over and PLENTY went around….

    This was a great event…..Probably #2 on my list with the Foothills “Pre-sex” party being number one.

    Great times!



  5. When is Hop City actually opening? I drove by there on Friday and the store didn’t have fixtures installed. The web site is also “under construction”.

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