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HOToberfest. Yes please.


First off, be sure to vote for us as the best homebrewing blog over at Beer Bits 2 (check the sidebar). We may not be the best straight homebrewing blog, but some poor soul nominated us, and we’re determined to win this popularity contest. I will NOT be the ugly guy that no one wants to take to prom.

And now a quick recap of the HOToberfest beer festival that Joel and I attended Saturday afternoon with Joel’s cousin Matt. This new (first year) beer festival was held in Glenwood Park. $35 got you a tasting glass and free range of the tents. There were plenty of great beers there ? some of my favorites were from Unibroue, Allagash, Avery, Victory and Dogfish Head. Matt brought along his camera and apparently has some skills:

Joel and I also had a good semi-buzzed discussion about tap handles. I think Terrapin does a great job with this (see above). The keys in my mind are:

  • Consistency
  • Bold, easily readable letters of the beer style
  • Something a little different

We’ll be thinking about MNB tap handles further. I want them to be made of diamonds and glitter, but Jeff said no. Be sure to vote for us!

6 thoughts on “HOToberfest. Yes please.

  1. I cannot vote for you for best homebrewing blog, as I have one of my own. Granted, I was not nominated (and…ahem…did not nominate myself). Therefore, I will be holding my own contest. Myself and my dogs will get the only votes, and it will not be held over the internet to avoid any vote tampering.

  2. Surprisingly, I didn’t actually nominate myself. Someone else did. They must not have read our blog very closely…

    If you vote for us, I WON’T hack your website. How’s that?

  3. Fine. I’ll vote for you. But not because you threatened to hack my site. Just because you threatened me period, and I respond well to that sort of thing.

    Incidentally, hacking my site is basically impossible. Only one of our pet rabbits knows my password. We had a hamster who did too, but he told, and he’s dead now.

  4. oh you hax0rs. soooo great. i just signed up for brew poll and looked around for 5 mins and then realized I just had to toggle you and click the button on the other site. fail whale. You guys are rockin the poll though!!! MNB baby!! Also, if you ever can bottle a few Eye Patch Ales, I have about a dozen friends in Nashville that really want to try it.

  5. Kevin, I have your pet rabbit’s family hostage. He’ll soon break under the pressure and your password will be mine.

    But thanks for the vote.

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