How did these beers get into Georgia?!


Lost Abbey. A California brewery I have heard much about, but didn’t think I would have a chance to try until I trekked out west. Today at work I received a mysterious package from California with three Lost Abbey brews inside: Judgment Day, Cable Car and Devotion. (Kristin, a co-worker and all-around weird girl, wanted to pose behind the bottles.)

I would like to thank the kind senders, though I will not reveal their identities until they step forward. Needless to say, I will be sharing these treasures with Jeff and Joel.

3 thoughts on “How did these beers get into Georgia?!

  1. wow man, you scored big time. Somebody out there is scoring big points with the guy upstairs. For a minute I looked at the beer on the left and couldn’t figure out why Ten Commandments was clear, then realized that was Cable Car. Maybe it was something else in the pic that was swaying my attention…..

  2. I’ve never had Lost Abbey… Surprising to see that it’s a sister brewery of Pizza Port. I guess I’ll have to pick some of those up next time I’m at the store…

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