How not to impress your friends with your brewing prowess


hefe.jpgFirst off, when your friend (hey Katy!) rolls up, don’t have your newest batch of WeissGuy hefeweizen sitting on the counter in all its tepid glory. Even though it’s officially one week away from drinkability, I thought I would crack one. Mostly because of the recent beer shortage, brought on by an exploding batch of Roundhouse Pale Ale.

I sipped on her for awhile, but she didn’t treat me right. Let’s say I won’t be asking her on a date again. Let’s hope another week or two works some magic on this hefeweizen. I have a sneaking suspicion that using plastic buckets for fermentation is going to bite us big time with these last few batches.

If you REALLY don’t want to impress your friend with your brewing prowess, serve her a Redcoat Bitter/Geyser. I popped the cap off of one and it started spewing foam like Mt. St. Helens. “Okay,” I thought. “No big deal. I’ll just get another one. She’ll be understanding.” I decided to pour this second bitter into a glass to prevent the carbonation from being squeezed up and out of a little glass neck. Smart in theory. Unfortunately, I ended up pouring an entire mug-full of foam.

It almost makes it worse that after the dust settled the beer actually tasted pretty durn good. Here’s hoping glass carboys are the antidote.

4 thoughts on “How not to impress your friends with your brewing prowess

  1. Yeah, in my experience it was more “how not to impress your roommates with your friend’s brewing prowess.” After weeks of bragging about Jonathan’s beer to my roommates, I finally bring home three bottles of Redcoat Bitter and two of Lumberjack Oatmeal Stout to them. The spewing of all three Bitters was enough to kill the excitement, though it was fun to put them in the sink and time them to see which one spewed the longest. After a minute of that, we got bored so we headed off to buy beer elsewhere. I’m crossing my fingers for those glass carboys, but in the meantime, do you still have bad bottles? they could be used for something….maybe a good prank?

  2. And I sincerely apologize for that experience. Try the Lumberjack. That stuff is still money in the bank. If you need any more bitters, come on by Casa de Jonathan (also knows as Casa de Amor) and I’ll hook you up.

  3. when you use big words like “carboy” you need to provide me a wikipedia link so I don’t think a big glass vessel is a kid who has a car; that will help me realize that you didn’t think a little kid pulling up with a car was going to help the situation…

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