Insightful and/or irreverent feedback requested on our vehicle wrap design


We have the opportunity to wrap a 2006 Chevy HHR with our logo. “Opportunity” is perhaps an optimistic word, given that the HHR has been discontinued. Chevy claims that it’s because people weren’t buying them. Hopefully they’ll still buy beer that’s advertised ON them.

Still, we aren’t the kind of guys that look a gift horse in the headlights. So we’ve whipped up a design for our new chariot. We need to go to the printer soon, but we can still make some tweaks, so please let us know what you think!

P.S. Should we put anything on the roof? Do helicopter pilots and truck drivers deserve our love?

11 thoughts on “Insightful and/or irreverent feedback requested on our vehicle wrap design

  1. I’m thinking the “Monday Night” text is too low for when I’m driving this through traffic. I don’t want people to think it’s a Mad Men advertisement accidentally.

  2. I agree, put the name at the top and the slogan lower. Also there are lots of blank yellow spots where you could fit a “Monday Night” in black. think of the Monster wraps, they have their names all over the damned thing!

  3. You need RED on the top or on the sides! The design is really cool but you need an accent color to make the car wrap stand out in traffic. Otherwise, I’m all for the highest and best use for a Chevy HHR — as a canvas, not a car…

  4. I’m going go with irreverent, or maybe even irrelevant, couldn’t you fit some amphibians or large draft horses on there somewhere?

  5. I’m really surprised you didn’t incorporate “Grab a case of the Mondays!”.
    I’m a car wrap designer. Feel free to reach out.

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