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Interview with a brewer: Aviator Brewing in NC

aviatorIt’s been approximately 8 years since our last interview with a brewer. But we’re back. This week we talked with a new brewery in North Carolina, Aviator Brewing Company. We’re always attracted to the upstarts since the start-up process is usually fresh in their minds. Mark Doble, the head brewer, was kind enough to share his thoughts on Aviator and the NC beer scene. Enjoy!

*Note: Aviator image has been janked without permission from Aviator website.

1) Give us a synopsis of who you are and what you’re about

I?ve always loved beer?started at an early age. I spent ten years in Europe and just learned to appreciate different beers. I started brewing and was fascinated by the process. I?m kinda like Papa John’s?Better ingredients, better beer. We buy the best malts (or at least in our opinion) on the market.

2) What do you love most about what you do?

What! You have to ask this?making beer?I love the mash-in. Doesn?t matter how many times you do it?it is exciting. Also watching the yeast at work is pretty amazing.

3) How do you see the craft beer scene changing in North Carolina and the South in coming years?

NC will dominate the beer scene in the next few years?no doubt. Look at the brewing movement in Asheville?it is great! There are some fairly progressive breweries in the state?just give it time. At Aviator we will do our part to push NC as a brewing state.

4) What marketing tactic has been the most beneficial to you thus far?

I?m a brewer..and not much of a marketing guy. I would have to say word of mouth?and brew some damn good beer.

5) Where can consumers currently find your beer? Where do you expect them to find your beer a year from now?

In Raleigh?Tir-Na-Nog , The Pit, Raleigh Times (soon), Rudinos Chain (Holly Springs right now, others coming, and (of course) at the brewery Thur ,Fri, Sat 4-8pm (tour @3pm).

I would like to have my beer in most of the good beer stores and supermarkets in the area. I?m not really into slamming the beer on the market and putting it into locations where it doesn?t make sense.

In a year if I could get my beer on tap in the Governor?s mansion in Raleigh?that would be good?and show that NC government is behind the NC breweries in the state. Seems like the wineries get all the support?I?m sure someone in NC government likes beer?!?

6) If you were to start another brewery from scratch (hypothetical, of course), what would you do differently this time around?

Find a very rich friend?there is some cool equipment out there?just buying it is the problem. I would love to have a brand spanking new 20bbl system with whirlpool tank and some custom designed fermenters. I?ve have a few friends that own microbreweries so have avoided most of the big pitfalls.

7) Your store has three items for sale: 1) a growler; 2) a pint glass; and… 3) an organic zucchini? Please explain.

Yep?the zucchini seems to get a lot of attention?I think I?ll get a shirt made up featuring it. I?ve even had an order for it?which I did sent out. It was just a test item in the online store?and I forgot to take it out. I think I might try a zuchinni beer???

2 thoughts on “Interview with a brewer: Aviator Brewing in NC

  1. Crazy that a brewing blog out of Altanta, that I found from a blog out of New York is interviewing a brewer from a brewery that’s 10 minutes from my house! That I haven’t even been to, none the less… just discovered they were there recently.

    BTW, I love your blog and look forward to seeing your beers on the shelf, when you get back to brewing that is.

  2. Aviator is a shining business in this little town. Mmmm… I think i will have to get my Growler filled tonight!

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