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Interview with a Brewer: Somewhere in the Tropics

This edition of “Interview with a Brewer,” in which we interview various professional brewers and try to cheat off of their answers, is a little different. Why? Because we can’t divulge the name of the brewery, or even their exact location. They’re still planning their brewery and don’t want the competition to get wind of it yet. I found this brewery-in-planning on Twitter. You can follow them here. You can also follow us.

And so I present to you our interview with someone who I will call “Jeremy,” which is, in fact, his actual name.

1) Give us a synopsis of who you are and what you’re about

My brother and I are opening a 15 BBL production brewery on a tropical island. We are planning to produce a lager targeting the resort market. Most of our production will be bottled (yes, in spite of every brewer I?ve spoken to rolling their eyes when you mention bottling). Would love to can instead but that?s just the way the market is. We have our brewery and our building, so hopefully opening March 2009.

2) What kind of beers do you like to brew?

Well that?s an interesting question as I?m not actually a brewer (we will be employing a head brewer), so I guess I can say what type of beer I like to drink instead? I love Little Creatures Pale Ale and am very partial to Hefeweizens.

3) What’s your favorite thing about what you do?

I love the creative side of designing the brand and look of the product. I never dreamed I?d be involved in designing a beer bottle/brand but it?s been extremely enjoyable. I?ve also enjoyed how happy brewers have been to offer advice on producing a great beer.

4) How have you been able to or how do you plan to “spread the word” once you’ve launched?

We are building relationships with the buyers at the resorts. Customers will be visiting the islands say once or twice a year so our best bet is to get a good presence in the resort?s bars with signage and marketing material. We are also building quite a creative website with an interactive aspect for customers.

5) If you were to start another brewery from scratch tomorrow (purely hypothetical) what would you do differently this time around?

At this stage a tough call ? I would love to have gotten a brewer on board earlier (we?ve been using a consultant) but it?s chicken and egg. We couldn?t hire a brewer till we knew we had our plant and building secured, yet it would have been good to have our brewer involved in those decisions. For someone with my background I think using a consultant is a must ? its critical though to get someone who has plenty of experience with the type of brewery operation you will be running as well as experience in the market you will be operating in.

Thanks again to Jeremy. We’ll be hopefully updating you as things unfold. It’s interesting to watch the top-secret launch of a brewery unfold.

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