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5 thoughts on “Interview with a Retailer: Flip Burger boutique in Atlanta

  1. Great article, nice to see the burger guys getting a shout-out. I maintain that Burgers are a great beersnack. nice work, guys. and the food looks great.

  2. mmm, I am now craving a burger at 9:55 AM. There is one in Birmingham that my cousins ate at last night. They loved it too…glad to see this place do so well :)

  3. Blais gets a one-sentence mention in all of this? It was Blais’s reputation that got the foodies out there on Day 1 and started the buzz that brought the masses in.

  4. This place is just a yuppie “trendy” spot short on good burgers, but big on pretense. I’m glad that all the yuppies from Midtown and ATL Station go there because they’ll stay away from the good burgers to be had at Vortex and other burger places. Who wants to pay $10.00 for a mediocre yuppie burger and have to rub elbows with a bunch of image-conscious neo-socialists. I swear I heard a yuppie mention to his buddy that he’d have to pick up Granola on the way home and the guy asked where, so he said she’s at daycare.
    Oh, the food’s just as pretensiously bad also.

  5. Lorenzo, I think that’s a fair point. Blais was how I originally heard about Flip as well. You don’t have to spend as much money on advertising when your “Top Chef” is a PR machine.

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