There has been a conspicuous lack of sexiness in our blog lately. The reason: I’ve been away on a company retreat, complete with a high ropes course (which I CRUSHED). Unfortunately, During the 2 nights and 3 days that I was away, I was panicking about my most recent endeavor, growing hops.Fortunately, I had no reason to panic. Saturday I planted 4 Cascade vines, 2 Willemette vines and 2 Chinook vines.


From the picture you can see that I decided to put the pots on our sand volleyball court. I’m going to teach the Cascades to bump, set & spike later, just as soon as I can afford tiny knee pads. I’ve been watering them religiously, and was worried that 3 water-free days (with no rain) would end my hop farmer aspirations.

But upon my return… lo and behold… A lone Willemette sprout was peaking its way through the soil, just smiling at me as if to say “I could kick some serious Cascade ass on the volleyball court.”

Look for updates on my baby hops. We’re going to start experimenting a bit more with natural ingredients and hopefully organic beers in coming months.

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