JailHouse Brewing busting out


We had a special visit on Monday from Glenn Golden, the head honcho at JailHouse Brewing, a soon-to-be microbrewery opening up in Hampton, GA. We’ve been following JailHouse for awhile now and it was great to finally connect. Glenn is a few months ahead of us in terms of schedule, and unlike us is not going the contract brewing route. He is brewing in his own building (an old jailhouse) from the outset.

JailHouse’s first two production beers will be an IPA and an American-style wheat beer. There has already been talk about putting the Monday Night IPA and the JailHouse IPA into a no-holds-barred cage match. Pirate vs. Hardened Criminal. Only one man leaves alive.

Glenn also brought Blake and Chad with him, who are going to be responsible for distributing his beer once he starts production. Before the night was said and done we were able to snap a picture.

From L-R: Chad Floyd, Jeff Heck, Jonathan Baker, Glenn Golden, Joel Iverson, Blake Rice


Main takeaway from the picture: It helps to be of an average height when participating in the beer startup community in Georgia. Sorry Joel, that means you’re out. Bottom line, it was great to meet Glenn and the gang and I’m sure you’ll hear more from them in the future.

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  1. I work for Eaglerock Distributing and run our High End and Craft Beer departments. I would love to come down and check out your brewery. Let me know if this is possible. My cell number is 678-300-3151.

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