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Kiuchi White AleLast night I returned to my asian upbringings and had a great Japanese beer. It was the Hitachino White Ale, a Belgian white Japanese Ale from Kiuchi Brewery. An ingenious combination!! In all honesty it was fruity but very tasty and I love the label which is totally Japanese (they describe it as their “unique owl character logo”).

By the way, Hitachino brewery also makes what they call their Red Rice Ale – a combination of “sake like flavors with sweet malt tones.” While my first impression upon reading this jogged memories of the Ultimate Frat Brew I have a strange feeling the Japanese wouldn’t do anything that didn’t taste fantastic (well…I guess they have a few pretty strange foods, like fried grasshoppers).

Tomorrow I have an exciting present arriving in the mail…stay posted for pictures and a full update!

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