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Jeans and a t-shirt


One of the small (but not to be overlooked) things that I look forward to is wearing jeans and a t-shirt to work. Because once Monday Night Brewery is official, this will most assuredly be happening. Here’s Jeff wearing the requisite brewery dress code at the Brewhaha last year.


Right now Jeff, Joel and I work in sectors that could probably be collectively classified as “corporate America,” with the dress code to boot. Jeff has it worst. He pretty much has to wear a cummerbund to work every day. Joel works from home a lot, (hence his nickname, “No Pants Joel”) but he has enough out-of-town meetings to know what it’s like to wear a collared shirt and ? God forbid ? a belt.

I look forward to the day when brewing reigns supreme, and I can cut all the collars off of my shirts, thus creating a new and amazing trend. Because it turns out I hate buying dress clothes. It just seems like a massive waste of money to me. Thrift stores sell delightfully ironic hipster tees for $1. Beat that, Express for Men.

Speaking of ironic, our new logo is a man in a suit. Yes, loosen that tie, sir. You deserve a beer.

Note: Bonus points if you know where today’s Joel picture is from

9 thoughts on “Jeans and a t-shirt

  1. I envy the day you guys don’t have to dress up anymore. I am in the same bucket and I agree that it sucks. I can get away with “dress” jeans once in awhile though, but sneakers, t-shirts and the whole bum look are forbidden :(

  2. Today’s Joel picture is great. I’m guessing its the Arts Center MARTA station on the worldwide “Pantsless Subway Ride” day? Are my bonus points redeemable for a casual dress day?

  3. I like how the incredibly good looking guy with his back to us appears to have a duck bill protrucing from his face.

  4. E.A., YOU ARE CORRECT! And yes, you have earned one free casual day. Just don’t tell your boss where you got it.

    Scott, the “incredibly good looking guy” apparently likes to make up words such as “protrucing.” Now that’s something you won’t find in any dictionary.

  5. Baker’s beard definitely screams Corporate America. How exactly are you going to loosen up more than you already do – ironic hipster tank tops with color coordinated flip flops? Jorts?

  6. No, no, no, no. This simply will not do, for if the company logo is a man in a suit & and a tie, so must the brewers. ;-)

    Just like Garret Oliver, damn it!

  7. That is a huge deal to me too. Every time I think about whether I should be looking for a job, the first thing that pops into my head is the fact that I can wear whatever I want. I even ride my bike all summer, and have never heard a word about it when I show up sweaty on the hot days.

  8. I know what you mean about dress attire.

    Yesterday I attended a seminar on “securing capital in a challenging economic climate.” The crowd was basically all dressed nice in various tones of black, blue, and khaki. I decided to go in my beer attire, because I figured I’d be okay dressing as “shaggy t-shirt guy” because, well, it sort of represents life in a brewery. I feel sorta bad for Tech Startup Guy who can’t dress sloppy because it’s expected that he’ll show up in a tie or at least a nice Kenneth Cole t-shirt.

    No more! I am Corporate Damaged Goods and I love it.

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