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Joel acts a fool at the homebrew store


joelflex.jpgI swear. We can’t take Joel anywhere. Saturday Joel and I made the trek up to the local homebrew store (not so local, by the way). We promptly went crazy like 2 kids in a candy shop. I’ll admit, it’s handy to have Joel there to put together the grain bill, as he knows more about the grains than I do. So it was ESPECIALLY handy this trip, since we ended up with about 200 pounds of grain in 8 different varieties. All told, we spent about $400. Yeah. Not on equipment, but just on grain and hops.

But that’s not why I posted. I posted for 2 reasons: 1) so all the ladies out there could see my sweet Civic packed to the taillights with beer supplies, and 2) to embarrass Joel. I told Joel to get in the picture (yes, fully knowing I would use the picture for the blog, which makes me a complete dork), but I SPECIFICALLY asked him NOT to look like a tool. So what does he do? Flex. Classy, Joel.

One thought on “Joel acts a fool at the homebrew store

  1. Yikes!

    When your brewery opens, I suggest you keep Joel chained up in the back, and don’t let him talk to customers… He’d probably rather hang out with the grains anyway :-)

    But your post makes me want a grain mill even more… But I’m wondering how you could spend $400 on 200 lbs of grain. Taking the hops out of it, and even adding some specialty grains, it sounds like you’d have to be spending close to $1.50/lb for grain, and that’s absolutely insane… Base malt shouldn’t be more than $0.80/lb, and even specialty malts, in bulk, shouldn’t be too much above $1. Online you can get things like Weyermann Munich for under $40 for a 55-lb bag, and even with shipping I think you’d save money…

    I’ve also heard that if you make friends with a local brewer, like Sweetwater or 5 Seasons Brewing Co, you might be able to piggyback an order with them, and often you can get grain for $20-25 per 55-lb bag… I’m still waiting for my schmoozing, salesman brother-in-law to get us hooked up like that though.

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