Joel eradicates beer from the world


Remember that time when we had that sanitation problem with our beer? Yeah, that was fun. Joel found himself dealing with the remnants of said problem on Monday. Take a look at the video and you’ll know why we had to pour it out. It was either that or serve it to our enemies… revenge is a bottle best served cold (and volatile).

2 thoughts on “Joel eradicates beer from the world

  1. Bad beer is awesome for your lawn (along with coffee grounds, cola, etc). Pour it the grass next time (perhaps Cowtipper could be a great fertilizer).

  2. I had to pour an entire 5 gallon carboy when my Scottish Wee Heavy got a major-league pellicle on top in secondary… No fun.

    Let’s just say I boiled everything in my brewery after that one, replaced all my tubing, etc etc… I’ve become pretty psychotic about sanitation.

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