Joel uses MNB for personal gain


mnb-hoo-brew-may13-2007-2.jpgAs many of you are already know, Joel is a rascal and a charlatan. True to form, he has gone behind our backs and created his own beer, commemorating who else but himself.

Joel is currently celebrating his UVA college reunion, complete with a MNB HooBrew in hand. The wahoo, for those who don’t know, is the historic fish said to haunt the UVA quad. Thomas Jefferson, who supplied the quote for this special edition beer, was the pirate who stalked the wahoo for years before slaying him and making fish sticks.

2 thoughts on “Joel uses MNB for personal gain

  1. YES! We need HooBrew bad! Please bring it to Charlottesville and sell it off somehow. Out of the back of a Coup deVille? I love the subtitle and love the TJ quote. If you’ve visited UVA you know we’ve got quotes on almost every building, many of them just as stupid.

    Go Wahoos.

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