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Jonathan joins Facebook. The world stops turning.


I knew I was popular. I just had no idea HOW popular till I joined Facebook last night. And now I’ve got like a million friends. I’m pretty much the opposite of Travis, that’s how popular I am.

Brewing Monday 3/24/08

But enough about me, how was brewing last night? In two words, lonely and cold. Including Jeff, Joel and myself we had a grand total of 3 people. To your credit, it was frigid. But you guys missed us achieving 83% attenuation on our organic pale ale (that’s good). And you missed the roaring fire that Joel created in he driveway. You also missed us brewing our first post-Brewhaha IPA. We’re targeting a higher final gravity for this bad boy. More of an imperial IPA. Jeff claims to be in complete control of the fermentation process. I think he has a cousin that’s a yeast cell or something. It definitely wouldn’t surprise me.

4 thoughts on “Jonathan joins Facebook. The world stops turning.

  1. First off, I know this isn’t a popularity contest, but if it were, I think I would be willing as I have 162 friends to your measly 119 friends. Thank you very much.

  2. Except I got 119 friends in less than 48 hours. And you’ve been working on making a friend for what seems to be your entire life. Thank you very much.

  3. Eric-
    I’m thinking (hoping) the PA is gonna be money. We tasted it on monday (after 1 week) and were actually very excited about the potential.

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