Journey to Japan: Beer Vending Machines


As Jonathan has previously mentioned I’m currently in Japan visiting family. Apart from receiving a minor concussion every day as I walk through the doors and forget to duck (door frames are about 5’9″, I’m 6’2″…It hurts) the visit has been quite spectacular.

One very interesting phenomenon is vending machines. They sell just about anything in vending machines. Coffee, drinks, corn soup, ice cream, video games, and last but not least, beer. That’s right, just a mere 20 yards down the street from my family’s house you have a glorious selection of 25 Japanese light lagers at your fingertips…24-7. As soon as my little niece (pictured below) is tall enough to reach the buttons she’ll be able to grab a cold one whenever she likes (this is the same niece who is already a huge fan of MNB).


And to think in Georgia you can’t even buy beer on Sunday.

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