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Last night’s brewing recap… and what we did wrong


wortchiller.jpgWe brewed our world-famous Roundhouse Pale Ale last night. It didn’t go well. We had a lot of trouble sparging, mostly due to the fact that we’re still experimenting with optimum settings for our new grain mill. Though I think much of the blame can also be levied on Joel, who was conspicuously absent from the festivities (“in Australia,” he said).

On the plus side, Peter brought along our new plate wort chiller (see picture for cartoon mock-up from the catalog) which worked amazingly well. It has an 8 gallon/minute flow rate. No biggie. Unfortunately we took the flow rate to heart and ended up flowing the wort too quickly. It didn’t get quite cold enough… so we went old school and used ice baths. Still, cooling 10 gallons of beer from boiling to 80 degrees F in 20 minutes total is quite a feat, new plate wort chiller or not.

We’re looking forward to next week when hopefully we’ll be able to go straight from the boiling brew pot into the fermenters and then adding yeast. It doesn’t take a lot to get us excited.

(And if you were wondering why the heck we’d be obsessing about cooling beer)

One thought on “Last night’s brewing recap… and what we did wrong

  1. I would like to congratulate the guys on a great Swashchuckler Monday night. Unbeknownst to me, it was a bad batch given to explosion. Fortunately, it didn’t explode, tasted great, and mixed very well with some cloves that Peter generously brought for all. Thanks guys!

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