Last night’s recap: “Summer come quickly”



Mmmm. We rarely have 5 beers on tap, so last night was a special treat. We had a good crowd and it was great to get back into the swing of things. Though we didn’t actually brew, we did do some transfers. We dry-hopped an IPA and kegged the next batch of our popular bourbon barrel stout. Look for both of those in coming weeks. We’re also hoping Joel will make an appearance in coming weeks. His absence is particularly apparent when people ask, “Whose fault is this?”

There’s no need for me to recap everything when Kayce, a first-timer, has already put together a recap on her blog. And we janked the above picture from her, since I forgot to take any pictures.

My new favorite sensation: plunging my freezing hands into a hot bucket of sanitizer. That’s… what… she… said? Nope, that one doesn’t work. Carry on.

6 thoughts on “Last night’s recap: “Summer come quickly”

  1. well, some girls (i imagine) req more sanitizing than others, so it COULD work, depending on the she in question, LMAO… um, was that too much? :D

    thx for the shout out & link. ^_^

  2. Those of us who live up north know that warm sanitizer is the best way to warm cold hands. Two weeks ago I brewed and it was so cold I had to dunk my propane tank in hot water to keep it from freezing up.

    In other news, I’m interested in that bourbon barrel stout. Are you guys aging in a small barrel? Or are you using chips?

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