Learnings from the Great American Beer Festival



Last night was my first Great American Beer Festival experience in Denver, CO. Before heading back for another night of beer in a couple hours, I share with you a bulleted list of learnings:

  • There are a lot of people here
  • There is a lot of beer here
  • The Keystone Light booth never has a line
  • Beer festivals are the most economical time to drink Russian Imperial Stouts
  • 1 oz tastings may not seem like a lot, but they go a long way (see previous bullet)
  • Next year I need to remember to bring adult diapers
  • I love craft beer
  • Apparently slapping the glass out of someone’s hand and then screaming “OOOOOOOHHH!!!” is a thing
  • Obnoxious people suck (see previous bullet)
  • Networking while drinking is probably the greatest thing ever

Alright, time to load up on carbs!

2 thoughts on “Learnings from the Great American Beer Festival

  1. I’ve always wondered why I go through so many damned cards during events in this industry… it’s because we’re all networking with a beer in hand. It is definitely the best thing ever to be part of this industry!

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