“Leave no mustache behind”


5 ulcers have been effectively sponsored, only 3 more to go. Actually, 2 more. I present to you Mustache #6:

6) Walter’s Beachstache

Walter sent in this photo of what appears to be slightly moldy peach fuzz. Gross, but it’ll do. Thank you sir.

And I’ve also received word from Beerbuddha that there may be a fu manchu coming my way soon. I’m just waiting on photographic evidence. Which would mean… we’re only one mustache shy of a completely healed digestive system. Come on, people, RALLY! I can’t drink any beer until these things are gone. It’s torture.

Uggh. I just looked back up at Walter’s Beachstache and got the heeby-jeebies. I hope I never have to see it in person.

2 thoughts on ““Leave no mustache behind”

  1. Update on The Beerbuddha’s attempt at growing a Fu Manchu for Mustaches for Ulcers!!

    OK, so it’s been a couple of days but I can definitly see some progress. I’ve got some significant peach fuzz which creates a dirt on my lip like appearance. I’m hoping to have something to show ya in about 2 weeks time. I was going to create a day to day picture thingy which would show the awesome transformation but my digital camera broke. Oh well. See ya soon!


    The Beerbuddha

  2. Hey guys, I’m growing some facial hair too… Partly to help your cause and partly to give me something to do while I’m locked up in my house for paternity leave… Yep, I’m a new father… But I gotta shave before I go back to work at the base… The military frowns on beards, and you need to keep your mustache trimmed so tightly to be withing regs that it looks a little Hitler-esque…

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