7 thoughts on “Lessons from a craft beer startup

  1. Brooklyn used to be my favorite brewery story. Yours has supplanted that. Faith is all we have in the end. After spending all the money I have to open my store, faith is all that is left. I sincerely appreciate all that accounting and inventory you do. It keeps us in good cheer and good beer. Keep up the excellent work!

  2. This is sage advice, thanks so much for taking the time to share. My team is in the early stages of starting our own beer business and after searching all the internet (yup, we saw all of it), MNB is one we identify most with. Good luck in your future endeavors, and if you’re ever in Charlotte please drop us a line so we can share some conversation and beer. Cheers!

  3. None is great in everything. What’s matter it’s how much you can stand towards what makes you feel blissful in life. Definitely, is not mediocrity that get you on that level!! Nicely said, thanks! Keep going! Cheers man!

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