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Little Rock Art Brewery goes up against corporate America


Rock Art Brewery in Vermont got a pretty interesting note from lawyers at Monster Energy Drinks’ parent company, Hansen Beverages.

Your client’s use…of VERMONSTER in connection with beer will undoubtedly create a likelihood of confusion and/or dilute the distinctive quality of Hansen’s MONSTER marks.

Essentially Hansen is threatening Rock Art Brewery with legal action for trademark infringement for their Vermonster Barleywine. Rock Art Brewery has decided to fight, despite their lack of deep pockets. Hear from Rock Art’s owner, Matt Nadeau:

We’ll be following this story with interest. And we’re obviously rooting for David in this David vs. Goliath saga.

5 thoughts on “Little Rock Art Brewery goes up against corporate America

  1. Total crap – I’ve seen this happen so many times in the tech world over the years. Check out http://www.nissan.com if you want to see an extreme case that actually won.

    Maybe they should release a “special edition” brew called the “Hans-Off Liberty Ale” or somesuch, designate the profits will go to fight Hansen…? Or just set up a “legal defense fund” that people can donate to? That actually worked for a friend of mine – the plaintiff wound up effectively taking on the pockets of 10K individuals instead of one small website… Power to the people!

    Glad to see the stores are giving Hansen the finger…

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