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#MakersofMonday: Ashley Whatley

Here at Monday Night Brewing, we take our core values quite seriously. As a business, we want to serve and honor our employees – that’s why we’re showing them them off. #MakersofMonday is a series highlighting the powerhouses that help create the beer from grain to glass, from our tank to yours.

First up? Accounting whiz and human Farmer’s Almanac, Ashley Whatley.

Ashley Whatley: Accounting whiz, swift runner, marinara chugger and piranha wrangler.

Prior to starting her career with us, she was an accountant for a solar panel company. But the pull of craft beer, dogs and paperwork was just too strong.

Ashley is the one we go to when we have to get reimbursed, when we forget to clock in, and when we have to determine if the fish in our aquarium are really piranhas. Plus, she’s our resident Georgia Bulldog fan, and the one we send to brewery accounting conferences.

Although her fact-checking and number-crunching skills are to be commended, Ashley’s talents don’t stop there. She’s also the one we rely on to win middle-distance races against the other pesky breweries. When it comes time to clean out the fridge, Ashley’s always there to polish off an entire jar of marinara sauce. And she’s quick to extol the virtues of Arrested Development.

We asked her a few important questions.

Q: What are three things you can’t live without?

Ashley: “My running shoes, my dog Sadie, and my to-do list.” (Notable omission: her fiancé)

Q: What’s the the best (and worst) part of your job?

A: “The best? The laid-back work environment is incredibly unique and definitely appreciated. But working at a brewery requires you to be around beer all the time, so beer outside of work is harder to enjoy…”

Q: Which Monday Night beer are you and why?

A: “Everyone here would say I’m Blood Orange Blind Pirate IPA because I’m sometimes bitter and mostly sweet…which is valid. But actually, I’m going to say Whirling Dervish. I drink at least five cups of coffee a day, so I wonder what percentage beer and coffee I am?


Q: What’s one thing you’re sure about?

A: “I think, therefore I am….who said that again?” (editors note: it was famed French philosopher René Descartes)


Whether it’s her opinion on the humor of Arrested Development to the philosophies of Descartes, Ashley’s got some thoughts about most things…ask her about it if you see her around! Just don’t challenge her to a 5K race. Trust us on this one.

Sign up for our newsletter here or check our social media updates for more #MakersofMonday stories coming soon! Also, Ashley’s spirit beer (Whirling Dervish) will be on tap at Tie One On, our 7th anniversary celebration Aug. 4 and 5. Don’t miss it.

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