Market research in the Midwest


I have been in Indiana this past week and we stopped in at Kahn’s in Indianapolis to pick up a few brewskies that we don’t get distributed down here. Purely for competitive research, mind you. We promise to have zero fun in consuming these beverages.


I picked up some Goose Island, Founders, Three Floyds, Hair of the Dog, some Bell’s I hadn’t seen, and others. Upon looking at all of these lined up, it appears that I “gravitated” mostly towards dark beers and bitter beers. Get it? Gravitated?

I need a nap.

4 thoughts on “Market research in the Midwest

  1. You should really move on up to Wisconsin then and hit New Glarus! Can’t get it in other states. Old English Porter – get it. GET IT.

  2. Tell me that Founder’s Breakfast Stout wasn’t amazing. Your “research” closely resembles my regular empty collection. Nice work!

  3. Hmmm, I see Robert the Bruce but not Gumballhead. Gumballhead is my all time favorite.

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