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Meanwhile, in little ol’ Georgia, big ol’ AB InBev makes a splash


The New York Times recently ran a story about AB InBev’s plans to reduce water usage in beer production… blah blah blah… from 5 liters of water per liter of beer to 3.5 liters of water per liter of beer… blah blah blah… by 2012… blah blah bl?

WHAT. AB InBev has been using the Cartersville brewery north of Atlanta to test some of these water-saving methods.

The Budweiser brewery in Cartersville, Ga., is less than 50 miles from Atlanta, a city exploding with growth. In late 2007, it was already one year into what unfolded as a historic nearly three-year drought that swept through the Southeast…

[T]he 8-million-barrel-a-year capacity brewery conducted a difficult top-to-bottom audit of every single plant process. Though water is obviously a key beer ingredient, a big portion of each bottle’s water footprint is devoted to cleaning, cooling and steam production, he said.

By reclaiming rinse water and reusing it for heating and cooling, the brewery reduced net water use in the power house to almost zero. Today, the brewery consumes only 3.1 liters of water per liter of beer, below the company’s 2012 goal.

So that’s pretty sweet. Good to see Georgia get some brewing props, even if AB InBev is at the root. Also, water reclamation is cool. True story.

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