Metal beer signs and the coming apocalypse


Metal beer signs. They are in bars everywhere. One would assume that they are actually a decent marketing tactic, given their prevalence. However, I have a hard time rationalizing the ROI myself. Have I ever bought a beer because I saw a sign up? I don’t think so. Have you?

The only thing I can figure is that it’s a good relationship building tactic for a brewery (or distributor) and the bar or restaurant receiving the free sign. And it obviously can’t harm your brand. Unless your metal sign is covered in STDs. Or explodes metal shards into someone’s face. Or causes the apocalypse. In these rare cases, a metal sign might hard your brand.

Regardless, there’s a pretty good possibility that we will need metal beer signs at some point. And with that in mind, we thought we’d start thinking about them. We’d like to start pretty basic before adding the razzle dazzle (lasers, smoke machines, 3D motorized pirates). So here’s a rectangular mockup of what a metal sign might look like.

This is a first pass, so we’d love any and all comments from you, our faithful reader. Thoughts?


15 thoughts on “Metal beer signs and the coming apocalypse

  1. I suggest moving “Weekends are overrated” to the top of the sign. This breaks up the words and gives some balance. Just my 2 cents

  2. I 2nd what Shields said and I also think blowing up the Monday Night Brewing text to fill the black stripe and then drop Atlanta, Ga to where the weekends are overrated was. (smaller stripe of yellow or mustard whatever you want to call it.)

  3. I like the suggestions from Shields and Michael, I 3rd them.

    Only thing is that the background reminds me of a sunrise with the color scheme and pattern and all. I guess it could be a sunset. I have no problem with drinking beer in the morning… this just reminds me of morning drinking or even of coffee (gasp), that’s all.

    Oh, and girls do like brewing, too. Where’s the silhouette of a female office worker in her power suit?


  4. Just thought how dumb it is to give criticism without offering potential solutions…

    Maybe a blue-toned background or some twinkling stars in a nightish sky or Atlanta’s skyline at night in the background.

    I agree with Mark, too.

  5. To answer your question: “Have I ever bought a beer because I saw a sign up? I don?t think so. Have you?”

    Yes..well, maybe. I’ve tried. I’ve been at bars that have signs for certain beers and inquired if they have them – sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. But either way, I think putting your logo/brand in front of customers/potential customers when ever possible is a good thing. And if a bar doesn’t have your beer at a certain time and people keep asking for it, chances are they will take action to get your beer back on.

  6. Shields’ idea is great. also, metal can be expensive for real payback (unless you are selling them) for giveaways maybe start with posters for giveaways (think beer stores and bars) then compare plastic vs metal, unless you are handling it, it is hard to tell the material after its afixed to the wall. my 3 cents, keep the change.

  7. Thanks guys, great thoughts all around. I think we should play with moving “Weekends are overrated” to the top of the sign, and moving “Atlanta” down. Love it.

    Bonnie, thanks for the suggestions. We’re pretty sold on these colors since they’re in our logo, so I’m hoping people get “sunset” and not “sunrise” from them. =) We’ll have opportunity to expand color pallets if/when people start becoming familiar with our base logo and what we stand for as a company.

    Adam, another good suggestion. I like posters. And perhaps we could have a poster design contest?

  8. I see an aura, not a sunset. I also agree with the text movements suggested above. I tend to read signs from the top down and your tag line is going to catch people’s eyes first.

    …And I do order beer based on signage and tap handles. I always look for local beers on tap wherever I go first.

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