Milk Stout, Take 2!


Last night we gave our milk stout a second swing after underpitching the yeast in our batch a couple of weeks ago. It was no walk in the park – the obstacles facing our attempt were numerous and horrific. No oats. Low propane. Frigid cold. Malfunctioning fermentation chamber. And most dire, Joel alone at the helm for the better part of the evening, thanks to late nights at the office for Jonathan and me. By some miracle, we ended the night with 10 gallons of milk stout dead on our target gravity of 1.068.


In other news, the fermentation chamber continues to be finicky. Rather, we continue to find ways to inhibit functionality of this remarkably simple contraption. This time, the heat lamp somehow came unplugged from the temperature regulator, and the air in the chamber had dropped to a chilly 52 degrees from 67. It can’t have been that way for long, because last week’s IPA still managed to attenuate about 50% – we’re hopeful the yeast can finish the job with the aid of our now-functioning heat lamp.

2 thoughts on “Milk Stout, Take 2!

  1. Yeah, it’s a bit strong – we’ve been using the same base stout to experiment with a bunch of different stout styles. Plus the milk stout is fortified with calcium. We’ll probably back it off depending on how it comes out.

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