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Mini taps for bartenders with tiny hands


We at Monday Night are nothing if not compassionate. And we’ve listened to the whimpers from bartenders asking us for smaller versions of our tap handles. They claim it’s so that our tap handles can fit in their space-constrained line-ups. But we know the real reason.

Some bartenders have tiny hands. Well, my ergonomically challenged friends, these 6.5″ bad boys are for you.

We’re still in the design phase, so it will be awhile until we see these in market. Until then, help your local tiny-handed bartender out. Offer to pour your own beer.

Show a little compassion.

3 thoughts on “Mini taps for bartenders with tiny hands

  1. Since these are for smaller hands, maybe the Full Windsor knot is also proving to be unwieldy – maybe you guys should switch to a Half Windsor?

    And for the “little people” pubs – maybe a bolero…?

  2. You know what they say about bartenders with small hands, don’t ya.

    Yep, small gloves.

  3. I think you should change the logo on these to make the silhouette guy’s tie a stubby little one, matching the handles themselves. You could give him little elf fists too, so the mini-handed bartenders don’t feel so bad.

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