Mmmm. Mint chocolate stout!


It’s early in the process, but we’ve got some (good) news. After a successful experiment of dry hopping our chocolatey stout with mint leaves, we are going to try to turn our Lumberjack Stout into a Mint Chocolate Stout. Upon hearing our ideas, some people seem to think this would taste great… some people don’t. We want to develop a name for this sucker that will SILENCE THE NAYSAYERS form the get-go.

And in case you were wondering what this baby is going to taste like, it will be thick and chocolatey with just a hint of mint aroma (and flavor). It is already quite refreshing for a stout.

We don’t have any consensus for a name for our barleywine yet. Hopefully we can get some good ideas for our mint chocolate alcoholic beverage. Ideas?

5 thoughts on “Mmmm. Mint chocolate stout!

  1. The clear answer would be to name this beer, “SILENCE THE NAYSAYERS” Mint Chocolate Stout.

  2. I just can’t imagine buying a beer with mint in it. I might choke down a Coor’s light instead. Sorry, I am a naysayer.

  3. Dave,

    Fine by me. One of your friends would inevitably buy a six-pack, you would end up trying it, and then you would apologize. I can imagine a mint beer being terrible, but as long as we keep our recipe right – with just a bit o’ mint – I think we’ll be okay.

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