MNB American Apparel shirts arriving soon! Only $10!


Yes folks, that’s right. We’ve got schwag. They will look similar to this, except they will be made of high quality American Apparel fabrics instead of computer screens.


We will be selling them at Monday Night events, so go to the ATM now and grab some cash. $10 gets you the first production MNB shirt. Joel is especially excited because this is the first time his likeness has been emblazoned on any fabric. (Joel is the silhouette of our logo)

9 thoughts on “MNB American Apparel shirts arriving soon! Only $10!

  1. Jeremy, we don’t ship yet. We’re going to gauge demand here in Atlanta first. But we probably will ship at some point.

  2. Put me down for a shipped shirt when they are available. My travel plans to GA were cancelled, so I have to go without MNB even longer :(

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