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MNB bites the stainless steel bullet


It takes a lot to get Jeff excited enough to crap himself. Well, he just crapped himself. Why? Because we have two (2) 14.5 gallon stainless steel conical fermenters from Blichmann Engineering arriving on Monday. We’ve been pinching our pennies to splurge on these bad boys, which offer a number of advantages:

  • minimal handling of fermenting beer since we won’t have to transfer and can siphon the yeast off the bottom
  • easy measurement via access to a ball valve
  • no light
  • easy cleaning compared to carboys
  • badass

The plan is to pilot our first organic beer in one of these conicals. We’ll see if we can get all of the supplies in on time. If so, I do believe Jeff will crap himself AGAIN.

7 thoughts on “MNB bites the stainless steel bullet

  1. Do you guys have a plan in place for regulating temperature in those things? It has recently come to my attention that regulating fermentation temperature is important.

    Blichmann does make some nice stuff. If I robbed a Waffle House to finance a home brewhouse, I’d probably just go right down his website for the purchases.

  2. Kevin: We’re working on a plan right now. We’ve been playing around with various ideas including cold plates, glycol, heat lamps and refrigerated boxes. It’s a bit more complex in our case because we need to cool AND heat (in the winter). We’ll keep you updated.

  3. Must be a nice Waffle House. All mine can afford is duct tape and bailing wire.

  4. Surprisingly badass for you boys. Kudos.

    On heating and cooling, they make stick on cooling and heating elements that might work.

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