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MNB = Busy Beavers


potsteam.jpgLast night (a Monday) was awesome. Thanks to everyone who popped in. (I accidentally typed “pooped in,” but don’t worry, I corrected it). We might have set an all-time record in terms of amount of stuff we got done. Here’s the lowdown:

Swashchuckler IPA: We brewed a 10-gallon batch. We’ll see how it turns out, given I messed up the hopping schedule and we corrected via an 80 minute boil.

Lumberjack Stout (name still not final): We tried an experiment… We’ve got about 8 gallons 1 week into fermentation and we crushed up some mint leaves and popped them in to a bout 3 gallons of it. Our stout is already very chocolately, we figured why not add a hint o’ mint to the equation and see what happens.

Base Jumper Double IPA: We kegged 5 gallons of our 2nd run at the Base Jumper. Hopefully we’ll end up with something much better than the first. Something drinkable, at LEAST.

Roundhouse Pale Ale: We kegged 3 gallons and bottled 5 gallons. Here’s hoping we don’t get any more exploding ninjas.

Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale: Arguably our best beer, even though we’ve only brewed 2 batches thus far. Nonetheless, it tastes delicious. And we bottled a mean 10 gallons of it.

So. Here’s the math. We’ve got approximately 40 gallons of beer that is in various stages of “not ready to drink.” The coming weeks should be niiiice.

One thought on “MNB = Busy Beavers

  1. Good stuff… Between myself and my two brew partners, we’ve got 20 gallons, 10 in bottles, 5 in a keg (just started drinking yesterday), and 5 that I’ll bottle tomorrow…

    That means we’ve got 5 primaries and 3 secondaries that will be empty tomorrow… Time to brew!

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