MNB featured in today’s Thrillist


I would like to announce that the days of being the relatively unknown underdog are over. We are now famous. This has been our secret goal since the beginning, and since we have fulfilled it, we can finally disband. Just kidding, we’re still starting a brewery. But we DID get a nice little write-up in today’s Thrillist.


Thrillist is a city-based newsletter delivering the newest and freshest stuff. I think of it as a Daily Candy for guys. Don’t ask me how I know what Daily Candy is. I said DON’T ASK! Here’s the text of the write-up if you’re having trouble reading the optimized image above:

After meeting in a Bible study group, the MNB crew committed to the obvious goal: open a brewery by 2010. In the meantime, they blog progress reports, offer helpful home-brewing tips, share stories of technical difficulties, sell logo’d t-shirts & pint glasses, and announce new arrivals like their long-awaited BTU burner and partner Jeff’s new son — future heir to either a sweet family business, or a huge surplus of logo’d t-shirts and pint glasses.

Nice. It sounds like something we would write about ourselves. I think I could get used to this “free press” thing…

4 thoughts on “MNB featured in today’s Thrillist

  1. Oh is Thrillist for guys? I signed up for it and I am, uh, not a guy!

    Nice work getting the nod from Thrillist. I felt very in the know when I read that.

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