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First off, no, we did not lock up MondayNightBrewery.mobi. We’re not cool enough to rock that .mobi yet. BUT, we do have a mobile site up, so whether you’re cruising from an iPhone or a BlackBerry, bookmark this site immediately:


See that? We made a subdomain. It’s the letter ‘m,’ and it goes before the regular MNB web address. Travis, did you follow? But wait, there’s more. For iPhone users (a la Joel), you can now create an icon on your home screen called a web clip. For those of us (a la Jeff) still using inferior cellular products, and according to The Unofficial Apple Weblog:

Web Clips add home screen icons that lead to your favorite sites. It’s easy enough to make Web Clips, just tap the “+” button at the bottom of any MobileSafari webpage and choose Add to Home Screen from the pop-up menu.

Have at it, mobile internet readers! And let us know if something isn’t working right.

4 thoughts on “MNB goes mobile

  1. Thanks for the tip, Brad. I’ve installed the plug-in for you comment-happy peeps. I’m going to leave the ‘m’ site up because it looks so dern cool on an iPhone.

  2. Excellent… The new mobile version looks good.

    I think the “m” subdomain looks a little better, but probably doesn’t load as quickly (especially not for me, with my circa-1942 Blackberry), and doesn’t have commenting capability…

    Of course, I already had you in my mobile RSS reader too…

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