MNB reaches out to bikers


dadbike.jpgMy father is a motorcycle enthusiast. Not Harleys, so don’t worry. More like BMW off-road bikes. He also does a bit of track work (that’s him on the left). That said, he asked us to create a custom brew for an annual motorcycle event held in North Carolina. Needless to say, we decided to do it. MNB can use all of the free marketing we can get at this point, given that we’re not so much “funded.”

And now it’s official. My dad’s motorcycle buddy, and our go-to man as we develop these beers, just posted on their discussion board about our efforts. See the “Special Beverage” section. We’re FAMOUS.

3 thoughts on “MNB reaches out to bikers

  1. That’s awesome. My friend is an amateur moto racer and nothing is better than a good beer after a day in leathers. 300 beers is a tall order!

    I’ve brewed for a couple weddings and usually do it well enough in advance so if i get an infection or something just doesn’t taste right, I have time to rush another batch. That may sound like a lack of confidence, but I’ve had may share of bugs too.

  2. My wife is happy that I brew, because my last hobby was motorcycling.

    I think I won’t be able to highside a brew kettle at 75 mph, which is what I did to my last bike out on the track. But if anyone can highside a brew kettle, it’s probably me!

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