MNB vs. CNYBrew: the video


A Beer War has been a-brewing. Travis and his shady CNYBrew gang threw down the gauntlet and then promptly picked it up again, admitting defeat in the face of our superior brewing prowess.

We’re still waiting on tasting results from Alan up in Canada, Brad out in California and Ted in Chicago, but we thought we’d post our own informal results early, before Travis’ IPA grew legs and walked out of the fridge. Take a look at what is surely one of the most entertaining videos we’ve ever put together. Joel even used iMovie!

9 thoughts on “MNB vs. CNYBrew: the video

  1. NY was formerly America’s hop basket. They grew hops on poles.

    Funny vid. I like the packaging – keeps it real.

  2. Yea Andy! I’m all real! Duct tape and Sharpe is my labeling! That’s a bottle from the redemption center to boot!

  3. SO ready for prime time. Just let me know where to mail the check, boys. I’m sure I could find something to criticize about this video if I watched it several more times, but for now I’m just going to congratulate you gents on an ass-kicking well done. I should be able to bring you my Dubbel (bottled last weekend) in several weeks.

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