MNB wins an award of its own


Yes, this is the time of year when breweries start to tout their prestigious GABF medals. Well we’ve got a little bling of our own. Today we were named the clear victors in Adam’s “Best Homebrew Sites” contest. How did we win? You, the tireless masses, voted. And I voted twice. And I think my mom voted. And DJ wasn’t nominated.

Regardless, a win is a win. We ended up with over 3 times the votes of our closest competitor, Lazy Brewer. You know what that says to me? DOMINATION. Move over InBev, there’s a new smallish homebrew site in town.

4 thoughts on “MNB wins an award of its own

  1. How did beermapping even get nominated for this? And who voted for us? Tied for last!

    Just like my grandfather told me back when I was in middle school band, “somebody has got to be last chair.”

  2. My grandfather said the same thing, but he always added, “That somebody will never be Monday Night Brewery.” I had no idea what he was talking about at the time.

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