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Mo ‘staches, mo problems


It seems that the ulcerous quest for mustachio’d sponsors is nearing a close! Thanks to you, dear readers, we have secured more than enough mustaches to heal all 8 of my known ulcers, thus allowing me to drink beer once again. Before we get into the latest round of sponsors, I would first like to acknowledge my co-worker Matt, who inspired the title of this post with his “Mojitos, Mo’ Problems” t-shirt, which he dons whenever the occasion seems casual enough. Matt, there’s nothing manlier than a mojito. Except perhaps 2 mojitos.

But enough of this jibber-jabber. To the mustaches!

7) Jerre’s 30minutestache

Jerre Maynor, notorious for his ability to grow facial hair in a short amount of time, has submitted the first in a series of photos to be taken every half hour until his mustache is full-grown. I think it will take approximately 2 and a half hours, all told.

8) Kenneth’s Grossstache

Kenneth, friend of the Beerbuddha, and his hairy little friend. The thing about the mustache is that it can turn even a normal photo into an excellent mug shot. It has that power.

9) Joel’s Semistache

Joel, this is disgusting. But I’ll give you credit, you can grow more hair than Jeff. That’s not saying a lot, but thanks for trying.

10) Bryon’s feeble attempt at a ‘stache

Bryon, thanks for thinking of me. But my ulcers demand more (or less) than a beard. Shave the rest of that crap and get back to us.

And that should do it for now! I’ve got tentative mustaches on the way from a few other folks, but until I get photographic evidence, it’s a no go. There’s still time if you want to jump on board late. Who knows, I may even have a few extra ‘staches to donate to ulcer research.

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