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Monday Means Brewing


First, three pieces of good news. One, we’re brewing tonight. Two, next week we will have a full supply of Monday Night beers. Three, DNA tests have confirmed that Jonathan is NOT the father of my son.

Ok, you knew it was coming – one bit of bad news. Remember how I said that next week we’ll have a full supply of beers? Tonight is a little different. While we have a modest amount of our IPA on tap for this evening, we will most likely not have enough to get us through the night. So you have two options – either come early or bring a little beer for yourself. We suggest the latter.

That said, in a brave and dedicated effort to replenish our beer stock, we will be brewing our Belgian Wheat beer this evening. There are even rumors that fresh ginger may be added, which I can neither confirm nor deny. But considering that Joel grew up in Japan and has always had a strange fixation on ginger, this would not be a tremendous surprise.

3 thoughts on “Monday Means Brewing

  1. Joel, I figured out your next beer/character:

    Wasabi Wheat: beer that will clear out your sinuses rather than clog them up

    Character: Japanimation businessman with raised fist holding katana

  2. On the topic of Jonathan being the father of your son…………nah not going to go there.

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