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Monday Night and wine coolers


Why don’t any craft brewers make a wine cooler? There are a few potential reasons. First, there is no beer in a wine cooler. Though there is a both a “win” and a “cool.” Second, wine coolers traditionally aren’t hopped, soured, or barrel-aged. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be. And third, most craft brewers are scared of colored beverages. They’re more comfortable in the “pale yellow to dark brown” range. And I don’t blame them. Some of my favorite foods fall into this same color spectrum. However, that doesn’t mean we should write off an entire potential market. Wine coolers were big in the 80s, and the 80s can’t be ALL wrong. I mean, look at spandex and Rick Astley.

Enter Monday Night.

Joel has been getting pretty excited about “Project Whisper” lately. Project Whisper is Joel’s idea to make a strawberry kiwi wine cooler under the Monday Night name. An ambitious project, to say the least. But Joel appears undaunted. Today he sent me links to articles on how to make your own wine cooler.

This little gem sounded particularly promising. Especially the following quote:

This is a zesty five ingredient beverage, that is good by the glass or as a punch. Make it for a brunch, bridal shower or give a bottle as a housewarming gift.

We all know how huge the bridal shower market is these days. And, like wine coolers, it’s largely untapped by craft brewers. Methinks Joel is onto a viable business opportunity…

Note: Rest assured that Monday Night will never make a wine cooler. We will, however, take every opportunity to make fun of Joel, one of our co-founders. Although, if we HAD to make a wine cooler, I would be curious to know what kind we should make. Any requests?

Image source: House of Spain

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