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Monday Night Mile – A beer run for charity

On Monday, May 19th, we partnered up with CharityBets to host the first annual Monday Night Mile. What is the Monday Night Mile? It’s a race, wherein you must drink a beer, run a quarter mile, and repeat, until you have ran 1 mile and drank 4 12oz beers. You are timed in aggregate, so it pays to drink quickly. It is fun.


Perhaps the best part of the event? You raised over $7,000 to help Ties That Matter build a sewing center in Haiti (almost 1/4 of what they need) – soon the Haitian women that Ties That Matter work with will have a place to make more goods to sell and sustain themselves (like these dolls).


We had about 500 folks out for this event, and everyone completely ignored our advice to dress like normal people.

Seriously, we had a ton of fun. Who wants to do it again?


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