Monday Night recap: “A little help from the little people” edition



You’re never too young to teach Joel how to sparge correctly. Joel’s niece pitched in and helped us with a slightly stuck sparge on our double IPA last night. Other than that, things went smoothly. And if this batch turns out anything like the first batch of double IPA, we will be ecstatic. By the way, I’m still lobbying for “Blind Pirate” as the name for this beer. You like it.

And let me just say that we are itching to get our new Brew Magic system in. It should be here in 2-3 weeks. Last night we also kegged a Belgian wit and added hops and applewood to last week’s Belgian pale ale. We’re hoping it ferments down a little bit more this week, though it tasted pretty good one week in. We’ve only used applewood one other time, so this will definitely be an experiment. We added one pound of applewood, which may not sound like a lot, but it sure looks like a lot.


Thanks to everyone who came last night, despite the BYOB stipulation. I think we had a record number of people drinking out of 22 oz bombers. Craft beer straight from the big bottle. You stay classy, Monday Nighters.

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