Monday Night recap: “A stout turnout for a stout brew” edition


The story is all too familiar. You’re getting ready to brew a stout when your CEO calls and says he’s not going to make it because he got free court side tickets to the Atlanta Hawks playoff game. It has happened to the best of us, and even Joel and I are not impervious. What do you do in such a situation? You brew that stout anyway. And then the next day you burn your CEO publicly on the internet.


We had a great turnout last night. I think we also might have registered our highest female attendance on record. The word is definitely getting out: Monday night is ladies’ night. The beer was flowing (until we drank it all). The double IPA and the bourbon oak stout were fan favorites. I’ve been thinking about names for the double IPA… right now I like “Blind Pirate.” On the label would be a pirate with double the amount of eye patches as a normal pirate. Thoughts?

We haven’t made a final decision on what type of stout this latest batch will ultimately be. We are leaning towards another bourbon oak since it’s so durn tasty. If you’ve got some other kind of hankering, let us know. [Note: licorice stout WILL NOT be considered.]


In other news, Joel spent some time last night refilling our adjunct grain jars. A thankless task, for which I do not thank him. Thanks to all who came last night, hope you enjoyed yourselves. Fair warning: not brewing over the last few weeks has cut into our beer stock significantly, so there may come a time in the near future when we’ll have to institute a BYOB policy. This does not mean that we don’t love you. It means that we love you too much.

Think about it.

15 thoughts on “Monday Night recap: “A stout turnout for a stout brew” edition

  1. Blind Pirate? I like it, but it sounds very similar to the band name “Blind Pilot.” I know you listen to them so don’t try to act like you didn’t know! :)

  2. Yeah, and Blind Pilot is awesome. So there’s no need to change anything. In all seriousness, I don’t think we need to worry about being similar to small indie band names. Otherwise our Toad the Wet Sprocket Dubbel would never have seen the light of day!

  3. Love the concept for the Blind Pirate. Wish I could have made it last night.

    Also, do not discount the demand for licorice stout.

  4. There’s always room for another coffee stout. Since it’s the best kind and all.

  5. RE: Blind Pirate – Brilliant!

    RE: Stout varietals – I’m partial to milk stouts, myself (Mackeson’s XXX!)

  6. Seth, it’s too late for a milk stout, unfortunately. We would have had to brew with that in mind. But we like milk stouts too.

  7. Where did/do you guys get the big blue grain containers? They are a lot better then the plain old grain sacs that I have.

    RE: I thought you could add lactose in the secondary to make it a milk stout.

  8. The only thing better than spelling double as “dubbel” (that’s Belgian, I assume) is the German spelling, “doppel” — as in one of the greatest words or concepts that ever made its way into English: DOPPELGANGER. Which is defined, according to M-W.com, as “a ghostly counterpart of a living person.” Now, I ask you: How could you NOT use that as the name of your dubbel IPA? Call it Dubbelganger if you must. And think of the graphic possibilities: the Eye Patch pirate with a shadowy twin behind him, except the shadow has a knife in his fist? Maybe I’m just desperate since my Weissguy name was retired, but I think this question has been settled.

  9. Steven: We got the grain containers from another homebrewer who had been using them to store grains for years. I forget what they were originally used for, but they work great.

    Our milk stout requires lactose prior to fermentation.

    Walter: You reek of desperation.

  10. Steven: We also only like to use fresh milk and unfortunately none of our wives had any available (well, actually jonathan doesn’t have a wife and my wife isn’t lactating right now).

    Also, I think the blue containers come from pharmaceutical manufacturing or something if I remember correctly. They are airtight and pretty sweet.

  11. I am a fan of the bourbon oak stout. I also like oatmeal stout. While on the subject of oatmeal, how about an “apple-cinnamon oatmeal stout?” That was always my favorite flavor in the Quaker Oats variety pack.

  12. Frequent Commenter – It’s funny you bring up the Quaker oats. I was joking with Jonathan on Monday that we were out of regular oats so I had to use the instant packets instead and that it was a combination of peaches and creme , apple cinnamon, and brown sugar. Now that I think about it more it really could be quite delicious!

  13. Joel what does your wife think of te lactating comment? I like Walter’s desperate plea for a beer name. He even did the label brainstorming for you.

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