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Monday Night recap: “Dog eat dog” edition


oscar-dinosaurROAAARRRRR. It’s not every Monday night that we have a dog show up in a dinosaur costume. Halloween must be near. While we were all terrified that Oscar the mutt might get it in his head that he was an actual dinosaur and start eating the other dogs, we were able to keep it together and brew as scheduled. We brewed up some Eye Patch Ale. Brewed it up real nice.

Speaking of “other dogs,” we had a couple others (not including Joel) in attendance. Don’t worry, we don’t let them drink the beer. But we do let them eat the grains from time to time.

dog-fermenterWe’re excited to see how our first stout of the year turns out ? give it another 2 weeks or so. We’re also excited that the temperatures seem to have been perfect for brewing these last two Mondays. Not too cold that it locks up your arm when you stick it in a bucket of sanitizer, but not too hot that it takes a fortnight to cool the wort. Let’s keep that up, Mr. Weatherman.

2 thoughts on “Monday Night recap: “Dog eat dog” edition

  1. Now you just need a poker table for the hounds, and you’ve got a true photo op!

    BTW, just a heads-up for those that might not be aware… Hops in any form (dry, fresh, spent) can be dangerously toxic to dogs (although dogs seem to *love* the smell), so anyone in attendance with Spot might want to make sure they keep them out of the hops supply!

    Gotta make it to one of the brews soon, I’m getting Monday Night withdrawals…

  2. Bosworth the Wonder Dog is featured heavily in my brews–he’s on a number of labels as you can see from my blog. Dogs and beer just seem to go together.

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