Monday Night recap: “Eye candy” edition



Sometimes forgetting to do a yeast starter can be a good thing. Last night, for instance. We couldn’t do our regularly scheduled brew so we got to experiment with a hoppy Belgian pale ale which we will add smoked applewood chips to next week. Our OG, for those interested, was 1.049. Some of you might be asking what our target OG was. It was 1.049 too. That is what makes us ballers.

In other news, esteemed wedding photographer and MNB regular Matt Altmix brought his trillion-dollar camera last night to take some shots. He got some great stuff. I’m going to include some of my favorites here, but be sure to check out the entire set on Flickr.

Thanks to everyone who showed up last night, it was a fun time. Now sit back and enjoy the eye candy. NOTE: I have added exclamation points to each caption for emphasis, not because my keyboard had a seizure.




Empty beer bottles!


Jonathan cleaning a fermenter with a bunch of people in the background!


Hydrometer clearly reads 1.049! The camera is just at a weird angle! I swear!


Jeff, Joel and Jonathan smiling probably because Joel made a fart noise with his mouth!


Joel monitoring our new cooling system! And he’s also trying to get that hose to make another fart noise!

3 thoughts on “Monday Night recap: “Eye candy” edition

  1. I don’t know. This may be picking the proverbial nit, but that hydrometer appears to have loads of bubbles attached to it, which would throw your OG reading off. I would say based on the bubble concentration, your OG was no better than 1.0485.

  2. We obviously waited until the bubbles settled to take the reading, then we used microscopic glasses to see if it was 1.0490 or 1.0485. It was 1.0490000. Even more accurate than we predicted.

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