Monday Night recap: “First wit of the year” edition


And so it begins. Belgian wit season. A summertime favorite, we brew our Belgian wit with just a hint of fresh ginger and a big helping of love. We’re thinking about backing down the amount of love we add in the next batch, because it has a tendency to overpower the ginger. Here we are pouring in the ginger at the end of the boil:


Even though Joel was in attendance, we accomplished quite a lot last night. We kegged our Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale, dry hopped our Eye Patch Ale, and cleaned 8 kegs. Turns out we hadn’t cleaned kegs in awhile.


We at Monday Night pride ourselves on being light on rules and heavy on fun. That said, we may have to start instituting some rules on BYOB nights. For instance, Coors Light? Unacceptable. Next time just bring some skunked apple juice. Mikkeller 1000 IBU? Acceptable. And not as hoppy as you might assume. But still hoppy.

3 thoughts on “Monday Night recap: “First wit of the year” edition

  1. Coors light? Are you serious? Next thing you know, somebody’s going to bring gluten free beer…

  2. Can you enlighten us brewers a bit about your usage (when, rule of thumb for amounts, powder vs fresh grated) of Ginger. I would love to try some but it’s difficult to find a good place to start with something that can make or break a batch.

    Thanks guys and it’s great observing your success.

  3. J, we’ve experimented only with fresh-grated. 2 oz-5 oz seems to be a good range, depending on the amount of “gingerness” you want (per 10 gallons). We’ve had the best luck adding at the end of the boil.

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