Monday Night recap: “Football and beer in peaceful coexistence”



It is indeed possible to watch football while brewing, as Jeff and I found out last night. Just make sure you have a Joel around to do all the grunt work when the game gets exciting. Note: ESPN should marry Brett Farve already. This PDA stuff is getting disgusting.

In relevant news, we brewed a batch of our Eye Patch Ale last night using our original base male, Maris Otter. Everything went smoothly so we’re excited to have actual beer from the new Brew-Magic. We had to toss our first couple batches after our fermentation chamber crapped out. We also drained the yeast off of last week’s Drafty Kilt, which fermented down to 1.012 in a week. It appears our fermenting woes might be over!


It was fitting that we brewed an IPA last night, since we also packed up this year’s hop harvest.


We’re going to try to brew a hop harvest beer soon. See those little hops that fell on the floor? That’s going to go into a special “Joel-hopped” beer. Available at the best dining establishments everywhere. We’re also trying to form a distribution partnership with prisons because of their fine toilet wine. Thanks to everyone who came last night. And a special thanks to Jeanine for diligently providing us with these pictures each week.

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