Monday Night recap: “Hops and Basketball” edition



We called an audible last night. We were going to brew our Belgian wit with some fresh ginger, but at the last second we decided to brew another Eye Patch Ale instead. Our reasons were many. You are most likely not interested in them. But for the sake of making this post longer, here they are:

  • Our yeast for the Eye Patch Ale finally showed signs of life yesterday around lunchtime
  • They were out of our preferred yeast for the wit
  • We’ll have many uses for the Eye Patch Ale in coming months, as it is one of our two launch beers
  • No one stepped up and volunteered to grate ginger. Seriously guys. WTF.
  • Turns out we DID have the right hops for our Eye Patch Ale

Oh yes. We had the Duke/Butler game going in the background. Joel spent about an hour setting it up instead of helping me brew. He only broke two glasses in the process, which is some kind of Joel record.


We also had a shmeency bit of Laissez-Faire Barleywine on tap, which we brew once a year with cinnamon, cloves, Jamaican allspice and candied ginger. A delicious rarity.


I thought I’d include one picture of me stirring since I didn’t really stir the entire night. We put Anthony on stir-duty (Prince of Stir, a prestigious title) and he performed admirably. Look at that beautiful wort, just asking for more hops. And we aim to please. But now we’re out of Simcoe hops. Anthony, get on that please. Thanks to everyone who came last night!

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