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Monday Night recap: Hops for the Hopless edition



In addition to brewing a Belgian dubbel last night, we also strung up our hop plants, approximately 1 month late in the season. “Sorry, Messrs. Hops. We’ll try to do better next year. Now grow up your vines like weeds!” Do you know what’s a scary sight? Jeff with a saw.

stringing-up-hop-vinesHe took it open himself to saw stakes to nail the twine down into the ground, or “assert his manhood,” as he told us. Fortunately no fingers were lost in the process.

threading-hop-vinesJeff was actually really good at threading the twine. Probably because it’s so similar to sewing. ZING! We had a great crowd last night, despite having very little beer. For which we apologize again. Sorry, we sincerely thought those kegs were full. We were also graced with the presence of Ale Sharpton ? Atlanta’s premier gangsta craft beer guru. Check him out.

And one of these days, we’ll get a real tap for our Blind Pirate Double IPA. The masking tape on the tap looks decidedly… not gangsta.

monday-night-blind-pirateThanks to everyone who came last night! We’re excited that the weather is finally cooperating.

2 thoughts on “Monday Night recap: Hops for the Hopless edition

  1. Where did you get the custom taps made? And can you post a picture of the kegorator you guys are using? Just curious. I am moving to Georgia in May…can’t wait to come by on a Monday night!

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